research projects


   Finished Projects                                                                                 Projects in progress:  

   Finished Projects:

1. Hospital managers’ Attitude about patients’ complaints management in Mashhad University of medical sciences

2. The survey of patient safety culture according to clinical staff views in hospitals affiliated with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Projects in progress:

1. The survey of staff knowledge, attitude and practice about clinical governance in Mashhad public hospitals

2. Medical waste management in university hospitals at Mashhad
3. The Survey of Inappropriate Stay Days in selected surgical departments of Mashhad Imam Reza Teaching Hospital
4. Comparison of Islamic oriented and  classical cognitive behavioral Training on mental health of nursing students and Nurses working
5. Survey of medical residents' attitude toward the effectiveness of evidence-based medicine in practice
6. Effect of Clinical Governance Establishment at university hospitals in Mashhad
7. Evaluation the voluntary reported medical errors in hospitals of Mashhad medical university in 2012
8. Evidence based journal club in Gynecology and Obstetrics ward in Qaem and Omol Banin hospitals
9. Assessment of WHO safe child birth checklist
10. Child abuse educational sessions

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